Entrevista para ReferralCandy

Debido al éxito que está teniendo el eCommerce Frutamare.com con su ‘Referral Program’ de ReferralCandy bajo la plataforma de Shopify, me contactaron para que les explicara cómo se ha logrado ese aumento tan importante del ROI.

Entrevista de Raúl Abad para ReferralCandy sobre el eCommerce Frutamare.com
Éxito del Referral Program en el Ecommerce Frutamare.com


ReferralCandy gave us a huge boost in terms of return-on-investment.
We wanted to grow the value of each customer. We invest heavily into nurturing leads into purchases at the top of the funnel.
Having a referral program at the bottom of our sales funnel increases our customer lifetime value and lowers acquisition costs on new customers. Overall, we get more than double our return on investment.

Customers are really using our referral program, which is great. They particularly like the fact that they split the rewards equally with their friends.
These rewards are generous, but still within what we can afford in terms of margins. And more importantly, no ad campaign is as persuasive as a customer referral. 

New customers could get 25% off their first order through the referral link, while existing customers were rewarded with 25% off their next purchase for every friend referred.

What I like the most about ReferralCandy is that it puts the whole program on autopilot. I know it’s working and I don’t need to check on it often.
Plus, ReferralCandy integrates fully with our Shopify store which makes it very easy to manage.
We see a growth curve over the few months, and it’s at a very good place right now. We’re very happy.